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It is our goal to produce a system that is so easy to use that you don't need a detailed user's manual. Instead, we produce a short Quick Start Guide for each competition format that we officially support*.  These Quick Start Guides are downloadable from web pages dedicated to those formats.  Don't see a webpage for your format?  Call us at 815-261-4586 or write to, and we'll help you create one.

* When we say we "support" a competition format, it means that we have identified and worked with an organization that maintains a set of rules on behalf of its members, and we have verified that our settings support their competition rules.  Slam-In, however, can be configured for almost any type of competition.

Downloading Slam-In

We offer Slam-In 2.0 in both a Windows and a Macintosh environment.  Use these links to access the most current  released version of the program:

Download Slam-In 2.0 for Windows (Build 160 - Requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/10)

Download Slam-In 2.0 for Macintosh (Build 160 - Requires OSX and Intel Processor)

"Keys" to Slam-In Success

You may operate the Slam-In Scoreboard software in Play Mode with your mouse, with your keyboard, or with an optional wireless host remote control . From a single host/moderator standpoint, a host remote control is easiest since it frees you to move around the room while leading the game.

The second easiest way to operate the Slam-In Scoreboard software, in our opinion, is to use its built-in keyboard shortcuts.  Each Slam-In kit contains these keyboard stickers for easy reference:

Play Question/Start Timer = Spacebar
Right Answer = B ("Bonus")
Wrong Answer = Backspace
Power = P
Neg = N
Computation = C
Time Out = W (as in "Whoa!")

Operating the program with a mouse might be the most intuitive, especially for new users, but it takes longer than either a host remote or keyboard shortcuts,  In addition, seeing the mouse cursor move about the screen is distracting for an audience viewing the scoreboard during a match.

Operating Slam-In using keyboard shortcuts is much faster than using your mouse.

Downloading FREE Team and Player Announcement Sounds

For those of you who would like to customize the program so that it can play something like "Metcalf, Fred" instead of "Team 1, Player 1", we encourage you to record and use your own custom sounds, and we've recorded a video tutorial to show you how to do that.

On the other hand, if you would like to use team and player announcement sounds that we have recorded over the years, you're welcome to use them, and you'll find pre-recorded, ready-to-use sounds on this page.
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