There are TWO versions of Slam-In that allow online academic competition:

First, there's the same Slam-In you use in the classroom.  If you want your team to compete from one location against a team in another location, you already have what you need.  And each team uses the same ring-in equipment they normally use in face-to-face Slam-In matches.  Below, one team is using semi-wireless handheld buzzers, and the other is using wireless slammers:

Here are the 3 things you need in order to compete against another team online:

      1. An opponent who also has a Slam-In system

      2. A voice connection to them with speakerphone capability

      3. A desktop application sharing program

Here's a PowerPoint slideshow on what you need to do to prepare for and conduct an online match.

P.S. There's also a version of Slam-In for Virtual Schools (or All-Star Teams) that allows each player to compete from a different location.  This version requires no ring-in hardware at all.  Virtual schools already have and use what they need, so let's get back to what everyone else needs...
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There are lots of feature differences between the tools that work with Slam-In.  All of those listed above will allow you to compete with 2 teams, but Yugma, for example, won't let you have more than 2 participants unless you want to pay for that privilege.  GoToMeeting's basic license lets you have up to 15 locations in the same meeting.

Even the ones that have license fees have free trials, so try them and see which one works best for you.  Anything is going to be less expensive than travelling!

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Finding an opponent is easy.  Call us and we'll share with you all Slam-In clients there are in whatever category interests you - schools at the same level, schools in the same area, or even schools that we know play the same competition format as you.

Establishing a
voice connection is simple, but you must check it out ahead of time.  It's vital that your speakerphone (and those of your competitors) can pick up the verbal questions and answers that are the hallmark of academic competition.  Picking up the phone and calling each other with a regular phone or with something like Skype isn't enough.

- You need to make sure that everyone gathered in each location can easily hear questions coming through a speakerphone or through your computer's speakers.

- You must also make sure that your speakerphone of your computer's microphone can pick up the answers you're hearing from the other location.

Then there's selecting a
desktop application sharing program.  The good news here is that you may already have access to one through your school or district, and some of them have built-in Internet phone capability which allows you to do the "calling" through your computer.

There are a lot of these applications on the market ranging from
FREE to BIG BUCKS, but the one you choose has to have 3 characteristics - it must allow you to see each other's screen, it has to allow for people in other locations to take control of the application being shared (Slam-In), and it has to allow this to happen instantly - without having to ask the host of the meeting for permission.  If you have to ask the host, "May I please ring-in?", that's unacceptable.  As it turns out, this last feature - instant remote control - weeds out a lot of very popular, big brand tools:


JoinMe               Yes             Yes Yes FREE FOREVER
TeamViewer               Yes             Yes Yes $750 for 1 year.
Yugma               Yes             Yes Yes FREE FOREVER
Fuze Meeting               Yes             Yes Yes     FREE for 30 days.
   Then it's $19/month.
GoToMeeting               Yes             Yes Yes     FREE for 30 days.
   Then it's $49/month.
Wimba Classroom               Yes             Yes Yes     Licensed by school
Windows Live               Yes Yes No           Who cares?
Adobe Connect               Yes Yes No           Who cares?
WebEx               Yes Yes No           Who cares?
YuuGuu               Yes Yes No           Who cares?
Skype               Yes No No           Who cares?
Instant Presenter               Yes No No           Who cares?