Slam-In for Virtual Schools (and All-Star Teams)

Slam-In for virtual schools allows each player to compete from a different location.  Students who attend a virtual school spend most, if not all, their time attending class and studying from home, and this version of Slam-In lets them ring-in using their keyboard.

It requires NO ring-in hardware at all.  It is limited, though, to 10 players, but you can assign those players any way you like - 2 teams of 5, 5 teams of 2, 3 teams of 3-3-4, etc.

The host operates Slam-In using the mouse, but in every other respect, it's the same easy-to-use, full-featured academic competition system that's described elsewhere on this website.  You can customize team & player names as well as ring-in sounds, it manages all timers for you, and it keeps score.

Team Illinois used our Virtual Version to prepare for the NASAT All-Star Tournament.  The members of the team as well as the coaches were scattered around the state, but everyone simply logged into GoToMeeting from wherever.  The coach(es) read the questions, and they played All-Stars vs. Coaches for a couple of hours each week prior to the tournament.  Here's what one coach had to say about the experience:

"In the past, Team Illinois has only been able to hold a few practices (often just three) due to the inherent travel difficulties of students living all across the state. Thanks to Slam-In, our ability to prepare for the NASAT in Maryland has increased considerably."

Slam-In's Virtual Version is priced separately from its classroom counterpart, and you will find it listed as "Site License for Virtual Schools" on our Pricing pages.
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